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Before Carly 2

March 5th, 2010

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Before Carly on this blog! The first Before Carly post appears here.

As usual, I’ll start with the official description that was on Seibertron.com:

“Spike is quite the ladies man. He eventually married Carly, but she was not the only one to have fun in the backseat of Bumblebee.”

Spike led the ultimate bachelor life. He had Autobots as friends, a hottie of a girlfriend in Carly, and many adventures helping saving mankind from Decepticon invasion. And between these busy activities, he found time to get his freak on with all the babes that appear below.

The name of each girl is made to sound like various characters in the TF universe, and each part of every name is based on real names I’ve seen. See how many TFs you can identify. The answer is written in white below the name of the girl. Click and drag over the section to highlight the answer (or hit Ctrl-A, which highlights all text). Sorry for this lame way to reveal the answer. WordPress.com locks out all javascript so I can’t build something easier to use.

Enjoy the pics!

Pearl Rincon


Raye M. Page


Kate Go


Mandy Gray
Manta Ray


Drew Ewing


Tracy Baker


Debra Stater


Blair Stoffel


Gail Vaughn Tran


Sumiko S. Karin


I don’t know who is the girl that I called Sumiko, but I wish I did. She gets extra points for wearing a TFans bikini. I did not add those Autobot and Binaltech labels; I found the image like this. Some TransFan must appreciate her the same way I do. 🙂

Before Carly Babes… Transform and Roll Out!



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