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More Dark of the Moon Figures Found!

May 18th, 2011 4 comments

Over the weekend the GF and I went to a Korean place that we frequent for lunch. I mentioned to her that I found some new figures for Dark of the Moon at my local Walmart. She knew of a Walmart near where we ate, so she suggested we take a look. She didn’t know exactly where it was, but a quick search on my Droid X led the way. And her hunch was right! I found a whole bunch of DOTM figures! The shelves were stacked so full, I had to snap some pics. Here they are.


The above shows the sections where they kept Voyager and Deluxe figures. They also had a smaller section for the Scout figures, and another where they had the Leader figures. So yeah, 4 sections overall for the DOTM toys. I thought I was in TF heaven. The GF says she’s never seen my eyes light up so big before, haha. Anyway, I came away with Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, and Sandstorm.

The following Monday I decided to do a hunt on my own near my work. I’m glad I did because I really hit the mother lode! First stop was TRU. I walked to the TF aisle and immediately I see some DOTM stuff. But I noticed they also had some new Generations stuff, so I looked through that first. Lo and behold, I found me some Warpaths!

After I grabbed these 2 I started to go through what they had of the DOTM stuff. They had Topspin, which I didn’t see before, so I took one. Also, TRU was doing a special where if you buy $25 or more in TF, you get a free Commander class Optimus Prime (the one with the 3D glasses). Not that I really care for the figure, but if it’s free I’ll take it.

Next comes Target. This Target is right next to TRU so I just walked over. Here I found Shockwave and Skyhammer. I took the only ones they had.

I also saw a nice looking Powerglide. This is Commander class, like the 3D glasses Prime. I guess Commander class is bigger than Legend but smaller than Scout. The name doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you ask me. Anyway, this Powerglide looks so G1 I had to have it, so I got it.

Not sure what is meant by Cyberverse, but whatever.

That was a lot of TFs over the course of a few days. I may be experiencing TF overload, but it’s all good. DOTM toys are officially available to the masses, so get them now! Transform and Roll Out!

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Dark of the Moon Figures Found! Deluxe Roadbuster

May 10th, 2011 4 comments

News have been spreading here and there that toys from the third Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon, are spotted in the stores. On Friday I made a trip to Walmart, and sure enough, I saw some deluxe DOTM Mechtech figures in the TF aisle. They only had deluxe and nothing bigger, but it was still good to see them so early, nearly 2 months before the release of the movie. The figures I saw included Bumblebee, Crankcase, Skids, Starscream, and Roadbuster. Roadbuster looked kinda cool so I picked him up. He transforms into a NASCAR type car and he’s actually an official NASCAR endorsed product. Not that I’m a NASCAR fan. Check out some pics.

On the same trip I also saw many of the newer Generations figures, including Wheeljack, Thundercracker, and Kup. There were rumors that some of these figs would never see the light of day in retail due to Hasbro’s recent distribution problems. I guess these rumors are unfounded, or maybe blown way out of proportion. I should’ve took a pic at the store. I’ll do that next time.

But yeah, DOTM toys are out! Let the hunts begin. Transform and Roll Out!

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April Order Arrived!

May 4th, 2011 6 comments

Last month I made an order from The order was shipped through Fedex. I’m not the biggest fan of Fedex and this recent order has further reaffirmed that sentiment. I’ll spare you all the details of everything that went wrong with this shipment, but this afternoon it finally arrived. Every item in my order appears to be intact. Here’s what I got:

  • Predaking 2010 Reissue Boxed Set by Takara
  • BTS-03 G1 Prime Matrix of Leadership Upgrade Set by BTSToys
  • TFX-04 Protector Trailer by FansProject
  • TFX-05 Sidearm by FansProject

They shipped this in a pretty big box, though its not the biggest box I’ve received for ordering collectibles. Here’s a pic next to a soda can for size comparison.

TFSource is known for packing their items well and I would have to agree.

All items are brand new, but to save money I bought all C9 versions. As far as I can tell, the boxes for TFX-04, TFX-05, and BTS-03 all seem perfect. However, the box for the Predaking set is flawed. Below is a pic.

Notice the side of the box is kinda pushed out. There is a piece of tape holding the side panel in place. The tape looks factory to me, but I really don’t know. Not sure if a C10 would be better, and I’m not sure if Takara boxed them up bad or if TFSource messed with it. But regardless, I’m not too concerned since I plan on opening this set. I’m cool as long as there are no issues with the figures. As a kid I dreamed of owning the Predacons. In my youth, there was no way my parents would’ve bought me all 5 Predacons, and my allowance was next to nothing. There was a reissue set in 2005. This was around the time I got back into TFs. Most dealers asked between $150 to $200 for the set. That amount can seem like a lot when you’ve just started to buy TFS. So I hesitated, and before I knew it they were all sold out. 6 years and 350 TFs later, I’m now kinda desensitized to TF spending and I didn’t even blink when I chose to buy it this time. In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t buy the 2005 set, because I hear the 2010 set has die-cast and the 2005 set does not.

I am on a mission to have all the G1 Combiner sets. The figures could be G1 or reissue. I now have 4 Combiner teams complete: Combaticons (G1), Technobots (G1), Seacons (reissue), and now Predacons (reissue). I have some other figures of various teams from G1: Air Raid, Breakdown, Dragstrip, Dead End, and Seawing. Dead End is missing all accessories, and Seawing is kinda unnecessary since I got the complete Seacon set as a reissue. I’ll be looking for other Combiner figures, and I’m hoping Hasbro/Takara would do more reissues.

I’m looking forward to opening the other items as well. Actually, I already opened BTS-03 and I’m really liking this upgrade set. I like it so much I may review it in a future post. And I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Protector armor and Sidearm, so it’s a pretty sure bet I will be impressed with those.

As a sidebar, this is my 100th post on this blog. I’ve been enjoying the experience and I will keep this blog going for as long as I can. Long Live TFs! Transform and Roll Out!

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