About TF Matrix

April 5th, 2014

TF Matrix is a personal blog of my favorite toys of all time: The Transformers. I grew up watching the cartoons, and collected the toys actively from 1984 to 1988.

In 2004, my interest in Transformers re-kindled, and since then I have bought 200+ TF figures in this new era of Transformers. Many reasons served to reboot my interest, but primarily it was due to G1 re-issues and Binaltechs. There were many toys I wanted as a kid, but did not have the opportunity to get, and over the years I had always hoped someone would bring them back. I first discovered Binaltechs at Anime Expo 2004. I took one look at these figures and I knew I had to get back into TF collecting. Since then I have branched into most other lines, including Masterpieces, Classic/Universe, TFA, Movie/ROTF, Titanium, and others.

This blog will serve as a medium for me to post what I’ve been doing as a TransFan, mainly hunting for new TFs, provide toy reviews, post pics, share links to TF news, report deals in stores, and just keeping in touch with the TF community in general. Occasionally I may wonder into other areas, such as video games, anime, Star Wars, or just comment on life through the eyes of a TransFan, but the main focus of the site will be on the TFs themselves.

Any questions? Feel free to post a comment. And in the words of the great Optimus Prime… Transform and Roll Out!