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Special Halloween Post… Transformers Costumes

October 31st, 2009 Comments off

The only thing I would like to be this Halloween is a Transformer, but unfortunately I don’t have the skills or resource to make a nice TF costume. And of course I prefer if it transforms, but non-transforming costumes are still cool if they look good enough.

This reminded me of some nice TF cosplaying at this years Botcon, so I’ll post some pics of it.

And here’s a cool video of TransFans acting out their favorite characters. Too cool!

Happy Halloween everyone… Transform and Roll Out!

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On the hunt for Perceptor and Insecticons

October 28th, 2009 Comments off

Over the past 2 weeks or so I have been on the hunt for these special Toys R Us exclusives of the 25th Anniversary editions of Perceptor and Insecticons. Both are G1 re-issues. These have been released in Japan, but I believe this is the first time they are re-issued in the US. Being the G1 fanatic that I am, it is my mission to have these.

The above pic is not mine. I ripped this off the net somewhere. So no, I have not found them yet.

I already have a Japanese Perceptor re-issue. I think I got him at Anime Expo 2005. Here is a pic of him below with a Japanese Stepper reissue.

But I must have the US version too. I cannot call myself a G1 TransFan otherwise.

The Insecticon set here is comprised of 3 figures: Shrapnel, Kickback, and Bombshell. The Insecticons have a special meaning for me. In 1984 I moved from Taiwan to the US, and that was the year that Transformers came to be. As all true TransFans already know, what Hasbro did was assemble a whole bunch of transforming robots of separate lines, and re-branded them as Transformers here in the US. Hasbro was smart enough to give them a interesting back-story of Autobots vs Decepticons from Cybertron, and the rest is history. Anyway, before coming to the US, I already had some toys that eventually became part of the Transformers cast, including Jetfire and Slag, but these were Japanese versions purchased in Taiwan so they’re not branded as such. (There’s an interesting story with Jetfire, what I had was a Macross Hikaru Ichijo VF-1J without the Fast Pack. I know, not a Super 1S like Jetfire, but close enough I think. But that’s a story for another day.) So upon coming to the US in 84 and seeing Transformers as they are, I begged my mom to buy me some. And of course she wouldn’t. Finally in 85, I saw a Bombshell figure at Thrifty (remember them?) for $7.99 that no one was buying. It was on the shelves forever for some weird reason. One day I was there with my mom and she agreed to buy that for me. So, Bombshell is my first ever official Transformer figure. To this day I still have him. He’s still intact and complete, but the joints are so loose that I would rate him a C3 or C4. I would never sell him, too much sentimental value. But yeah, getting the Insecticon re-issues is a must for me.

As a kid I never saw anyone with Perceptor. I did not see him in the stores either back in the 80s. I guess I never really looked for him, even though I always liked him as a character. I liked the fact that he transforms into a microscope and he’s a scientist. He’s very unique in the TF universe. Most people don’t know this, but he does have a tank mode. You can kinda see it in the pic above. I guess this technically qualifies him as a Triple Changer, though we never saw the tank mode in the 80s cartoon, so maybe not.

These re-issues are priced at $34.99 each. Many fans complain that this is too much. Perhaps. I don’t know what Perceptor costed in the 80s so I can’t comment. But I beg to differ for the Insecticons set. Back in the 80s they costed about $8 each, so $24 for all three. It is about $35 for this set today. The difference is only $11. And if you use this inflation calculator, $24 in 1985 is $47.41 in 2008. So at $35 it is actually cheaper!

This afteroon I tried ebay for these, but lost the auction due to some last minute sniping. The Insecticon set I bid for went for about $42 shipped. Not terribly higher than MSRP and taxes, but I just hate paying more than I have to.

So until I find these… to TRU I will trek… Transform and Roll Out!

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“Girl Who Loved Powerglide” Re-enactment

October 25th, 2009 Comments off

Inspired by the Youtube clip embedded in my last post, I decided to act out scenes of that segment with Classic toys.




On a separate note, the beautiful Megan Fox (Mikaela in the Transformers movies) is hosting tonight’s episode of SNL. I think this is a re-run, but I’ve never seen it so it’s new to me. I’m still not convinced of her acting skill, but when you look like she does, I guess you really don’t need any…

Stay cool my fellow TransFans. Until next time… Transform and Roll Out!

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October 24th, 2009 Comments off

So I finally got around to opening one of the new Universe/Classic Ultra class Powerglides that are repainted red like his G1 badass self. Mold-wise, the new one is exactly the same as the first Powerglide. Hasbro did not do anything to improve upon mold, so it really comes down to which color you prefer. Or you can just get them both like I did.

Red Powerglide

Both Powerglides

Twin Powerglides

For those of you who are not familiar with this character, Powerglide made his G1 cartoon debut sometime during season 2. He is one of the few Autobots on Earth that can fly as his alt mode is an A-10 Thunderbolt II. His toy in G1 is a minibot (same as Bumblebee), so this Ultra class update is by far bigger. His most famous G1 appearance is probably in “The Girl Who Loved Powerglide”.

This is not a new mold so I’ll just quickly re-cap my thoughts on Classic/Universe version of Powerglide. I really like the alt mode. The A-10 is definitely unique in the TF world, I cannot think of any other. His transformation is unique as well. In robot mode he is nicely balanced. Articulation seems to be good, and the missile fires pretty far. It’s not perfect, however. In bot mode, the sound gimmicks fire way too easily. Also, where the wing needs to stick into the rear engine in bot mode, it doesn’t stay on that well. This happens on both of my Powerglides on the left side only (in fact I didn’t notice this before, I noticed this on the new red one so I went back to check on the white one and they both have this problem). Checking pics on Seibertron confirms this problem as well, so I’m inclined to think this is an issue on all Powerglides produced. Finally, in jet mode, it’s difficult to position to gun to point directly straight ahead because there is other stuff in the way.

So which color do I like better? After looking at it for some time now, I’m tempted to say I like the white one. I know that the red is more G1 accurate, and I was guilty of expressing my share of curses when Hasbro first announced that the US version would be white. But now that I have the red and have had a chance to really compare, I think white just looks better on this mold. It’s hard to explain and I know the pics above don’t do it justice. You would have to see it for yourself.

But you won’t lose either way. This is still a great TF no matter which color you get.

Until next time… Transform and Roll Out!

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Should I buy Bumblebee and Cliffjumper Alternities?

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

The next figures to come out in the Alternity line are the yellow and red Bumblebees, at least officially that’s what they are. Bumblebee in this line is a Suzuki Swift.

Bee Alt
Bee Bot

Any TransFan worth his energon will tell you that the red figure here is really Cliffjumper. So why is he labeled as Bumblebee? My theory is that they can sell more figures using the more recognizable name. However they did not forget us true fans. Cliffjumper does have his own unique head mold that looks very much like his G1 counterpart in the cartoon.

CJ Alt
CJ Bot

So am I gonna get these? I’m not sure. I do have both red and silver Optimus Primes in this line (as the Nissan GTR). I haven’t opened mine, but I’ve played with them so I know they’re nice. These should be no exception. However, at around $50 a piece, I’m just not sure. Alternities are much smaller than Binaltechs. They are really only the size of a deluxe figure. Yeah I know they’re diecast and all, but $50 is still kinda hard to justify. This reminds me I still have to get a Alternity Megatron.

I have a feeling I will eventually decide to buy these. They’re just too good to pass up, and seeing how they actually gave CJ some love this time around (instead of just cloning Bee exactly like they always do), I have to do my part and honor a purchase.

Until next time… Transform and Roll Out!

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ROTF DVD and Bluray released today

October 20th, 2009 Comments off

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen comes out today on DVD and Bluray. I have the first movie on both DVD and Bluray. For the DVD version, I have the Target exclusive version where the case transforms into a movie Optimus Prime. Sometime after that I got a PS3, so then getting the Bluray for true HD quality goes without saying. The first movie was not without its faults, and of course I wished it was more G1 in nature. But overall I thought it was a good update for 2007, the movie TF universe managed to be interesting in its own right, and Michael Bay proved that he could still direct good movies like when he did The Rock. The first Transformers movie was something I recommended to everybody.

ROTF Bluray

I really looked forward to ROTF this summer. I even watched on IMAX. Truth be told, I was disappointed. The story was a convoluted mess that barely made any sense. Sam getting flashes of the All Spark knowledge seemed like a good starting point, but after the story gets into gear, it was never really mentioned again. The on-screen action was probably even more confusing than the first because there are many more TFs this time around. Michael Bay also proves he has the mental maturity of a 12 year old. Skids and Mudflap are some of the worst characters to appear on the big screen, there are way too many jokes about dogs and TFs humping people’s legs, and the “anatomically correct” scene just leaves me shaking my head. And Jetfire, WTF? One of my most beloved TF characters of all time reduced to an old senile robot that needs a walking stick to move around. His ability to transform into Prime’s armor does not impress me either. Devastator seemed impressive at first, but was quickly taken out by… Mudflap and some humans?! Double WTF?! I wanted to like this movie, I really did, especially when TFs mean so much to me. But honestly, this is not something I can wholeheartedly recommend.

So will I be buying ROTF on Bluray? Probably, eventually. But only if I see it on sale or something, and I’m not even gonna actively hunt for it. If memory serves, this is not even 4 whole months after the initial release date for the movie. I know ROTF made boat loads of money worldwide, but I dunno, still seems a little quick for the home version to come out. My theory is that only bad movies get a quick home release, and this is pretty quick.

I hope Bay does not come back for a 3rd one, but I think it is already confirmed that he will be. That’s too bad. I hope he will do some growing up between now and then and give us a more mature treatment of the subject, kinda like how Star Trek was done this summer. Now that is one Bluray I will get on day one.

So until we get a good TF movie… Transform and Roll Out!

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New Universe Walmart Exclusive Ultra Class Figures!

October 19th, 2009 Comments off

I got these sometime last week, but did not have a blog then, so yeah, posting them now. These are the new Universe repaints of Powerglide, Hardhead, and Skyfall.

G1 Powerglide in classic red

G1 Powerglide in classic red

Rear engine transforms into hooters

Rear engine transforms into hooters

Hardhead - tank mode is hard too

Hardhead - tank mode is hard too

check out his stats

check out his stats

Silverbolt in black looks like a SR-71... kinda

Silverbolt in black looks like a SR-71... kinda

I'm a G2 character :(

I'm a G2 character 🙁

This is Powerglide as he was meant to be. The Henkei version was already this color (though some fans have pointed out that they are different and the Henkei paint slightly of higher quality), and having a US release that is even more G1 accurate is a real treat. While I’m on this topic, the only minibot from G1 season 2 that has not received an upgrade in the classic/universe line is Seaspray. Powerglide, Warpath, Beachcomber, and Cosmos have all received updates. Hopefully Hasbro has not forgotten Seaspray. This reminds me I still need to get Cosmos.

Hardhead is a repaint of Universe Onslaught. I love this mold, and for Hardhead, this is a good choice. G1 Hardhead was a Head Master that was all action and little else. In G1 he was some kind of future/Cybertron type tank, but as an heavy armor vehicle it works too. Both modes captures his persona perfectly. I especially like how he records the number of Decepticons he has terminated on this shield, and the “No Decepticon” symbol is a real nice touch.

Skyfall is probably the weakest of the three here. This mold is really only for Silverbolt, so repainting him into anything else is just plain weird. While I’m on the topic, many fans seems to absolutely despise this mold with unyielding hatred, and in my opinion undeserved. Yeah the transformation is a little simple, but I think with the complexity of TFs these days, it is actually quite refreshing to have a toy that you can just casually transform back and forth without any effort. And the homage to the G1 character and the solid construction are both pluses in my book. Anyway, I would get Skyfall last out of these 3, but some fans have pointed out the cool color scheme here, so this may or may not be a reason to get Skyfall, depending on how much you like or hate this mold.

Oh, I should point out, I found all of these for $10 each! Yep you read that right, $10. That’s cheaper than a deluxe! I found these at the Walmart near my work. They were advertised as $30 in the aisle, but luckily there was a price scanner right near where these were placed. I scanned them just in case, and to my surprise they rung up $10. I don’t know if this was a goof in their system, but whatever. I quickly went to the checkout and bought them. On the receipt, it did say $30 is the regular price and I got $20 off for each. Out of curiosity, I also checked the Walmart near my home, and these rung up as $24 each. Anyway, at $10 I bought 2 Powerglides, 1 Hardhead, and 1 Skyfall. Can’t beat that deal.

So, my fellow TransFans, your destination is Walmart… Transform and Roll Out!

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Transformers Matrix Edition – The Ultimate G1 Collection!

October 15th, 2009 Comments off

I’ve known this for a while now, but Shout! is releasing the 25th Anniversary “Matrix of Leadership” Edition Collector’s Set! Set for Release on Oct 20th!


I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. As a kid I wanted all of these on VHS (!) so I could watch them over and over. I taped many TV eps from back in the G1 and G2 days. I was bored enough some time last year that I watched some, and what I’ve come to really treasure from the TV recordings are the commercials during the TF broadcast. Those are priceless. Maybe one day I’ll rip them and post over on Youtube.

But I’m getting off topic. Having a complete collection of G1 TV eps is a dream come true. Read here for all the juicy details. Asking price for the set is a little high, but I think it’s well worth it.

All TransFans mobilize and get his now… Transform and Roll Out!

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Hello Trans Fans!

October 9th, 2009 Comments off

Welcome to my Blog, Transformers Roll Out!  This is the very first post.  As a longtime Transformers fan and collector, this blog serves both as a homage to my favorite toys of all time and an update on what I’ve been doing as a TransFan.  Some items I have planned for this blog includes toy reviews, TF news, where I’ve been shopping, deals that I found, pictures of collections, and thoughts about life as a TransFan.

First on the agenda… Transformers is nominated for the National Toy Hall of Fame for 2009.  I think TFs winning this should be a no-brainer.  I don’t know who makes up the competition, but c’mon.  What other toyline has such a dedicated following, even after 25 years? Read here.

That’s it for now, but until next time… Transform and Roll Out!

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