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Should I buy Bumblebee and Cliffjumper Alternities?

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The next figures to come out in the Alternity line are the yellow and red Bumblebees, at least officially that’s what they are. Bumblebee in this line is a Suzuki Swift.

Bee Alt
Bee Bot

Any TransFan worth his energon will tell you that the red figure here is really Cliffjumper. So why is he labeled as Bumblebee? My theory is that they can sell more figures using the more recognizable name. However they did not forget us true fans. Cliffjumper does have his own unique head mold that looks very much like his G1 counterpart in the cartoon.

CJ Alt
CJ Bot

So am I gonna get these? I’m not sure. I do have both red and silver Optimus Primes in this line (as the Nissan GTR). I haven’t opened mine, but I’ve played with them so I know they’re nice. These should be no exception. However, at around $50 a piece, I’m just not sure. Alternities are much smaller than Binaltechs. They are really only the size of a deluxe figure. Yeah I know they’re diecast and all, but $50 is still kinda hard to justify. This reminds me I still have to get a Alternity Megatron.

I have a feeling I will eventually decide to buy these. They’re just too good to pass up, and seeing how they actually gave CJ some love this time around (instead of just cloning Bee exactly like they always do), I have to do my part and honor a purchase.

Until next time… Transform and Roll Out!

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