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2011 TFs For The Holidays

December 29th, 2011 1 comment

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone got what they wanted this Holiday season. There’s no better way to celebrate the Holidays than to get some new TFs! OK maybe there are, but new TFs are worth celebrating any time of the year. Below are some TFs that I received or found in the past week or so.

The pic above are the 3 Transformers Prime figures that are now out in mass retail. I went into TF Prime figures in this earlier post.

TRU Exclusive Rodimus appears in the lower left in the pic above. I have yet to open this, and I’m hoping this version is equivalent to the Japanese MP Rodimus Prime 2nd Release since the 1st Release is not without its faults. It will be interesting to see if this US version can attach the Japanese trailer in alt mode. In the lower right of the pic is PCC Double Clutch. Haven’t opened this either, but he seems promising for a PCC. In the upper left is the Walmart Exclusive Deluxe DOTM Optimus Prime. I opened this figure and he’s not half bad. The alt mode comes together well, transformation is not overly difficult, and I like the MechTech weapon. And last but not least, in the upper right is Skywarp. Did any of you out there think this is the Japanese Exclusive Takara DOTM Skywarp? Look carefully. It is inside the Japanese packaging, but it is actually a custom made by my buddy Gemini. He took a DOTM Deluxe Starscream and painted it into Skywarp. Very cool. Look for a review of this custom in a future post.

And finally, yesterday I found some Generations Junkheap. Wreck-Gar was such a pain in the ass to find when he was released. In fact, I didn’t find any in retail until this past November at discount stores. So I kept my eyes open for Junkheap. Last year a new Target opened near my home in SoCal that is within walking distance. I had some free time yesterday so I walked over. The trip paid off with these 2 Junkheaps.

This is probably the last post I will make for 2011. Looking back on 2011, I think I bought a record number of TFs for the year. It’s hard to say what Hasbro has in stored for us next year, but I’m curious to find out. See y’all in 2012! Transform and Roll Out!

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Generations Sky Shadow Quick Review

December 20th, 2011 Comments off

About a year ago, I reviewed Generations Thunderwing. A repaint of this figure was finally released recently, also in the Generations line. Today we’re looking at Sky Shadow. Longtime TransFans already knew this was coming, because in the instructions for Thunderwing, the diagrams was illustrated with Sky Shadow’s head (go look at it if you don’t believe me). We didn’t expect Hasbro to take a year to do it, though.

I won’t go into the mechanics of this figure. Read the Thunderwing review to get my thoughts. I’ll just say that I really like the look of Sky Shadow. The black color fits well for a stealth jet fighter. I like the head mold, as its different from Thunderwing’s. The only other mold difference I detect is in the chest. Check out the pics for yourself.

Joints on Sky Shadow seems to be a little tighter than Thunderwing. Other than that, they are virtually the same mechanically.

If you missed your chance on Thunderwing, or if you just really like this mold (like I do), then by all means pick up Sky Shadow. It’s good to see Hasbro return to the Generations line. And I like the recent trend of making minor modifications when they release a repaint, so it doesn’t feel like you’re buying the exact same thing in a different color.

More TFs to come on Christmas… Transform and Roll Out!

EDIT 01/04/2012
Here is a pic of Sky Shadow with his arms raised completely forward. To do this you must rotate the shoulder guns to the side.

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More of my Optimus Prime Collection

December 11th, 2011 Comments off

As the most recognizable character in the TF franchise, it’s no wonder that Hasbro keeps churning out new figures of the great Optimus Prime. Sometimes they are new incarnations, a brand new design of the Autobot leader that deserves to be made into a figure. Sometimes they are simply repaints or slight retools of a previous figure, in which case purchase of the figure is questionable. And sometimes Hasbro/Takara goes back to the drawing board, and gives us new and improved versions on a previous design of Optimus Prime.

On Nov 23rd, 2009, I made a post about all my Optimus Prime figures. That was more than 2 years ago, so I think it’s time for another update. Below are the Optimus Prime figures I have bought since that time. And just like Nov 23rd, 2009, I have nothing better to do today than watch football and make this post.

From left to right:
Front row: Reveal the Shield (G1, legend class), Dark of the Moon (commander class, with 3D glasses)
Middle row: Reveal the Shield (G2, deluxe class), Generations War For Cybertron (deluxe class), Animated (Cybertronian mode, deluxe class)
Top row: Dark of the Moon (voyager class, Walmart exclusive), Dark of the Moon (voyager class)

Below is a pic in their alt modes.

Below are two more Prime figs that I never opened.

Hunt for the Decepticons, Battle Hooks leader class (left), Hunt for the Decepticons, Battle Blades voyager class

I seriously thought I bought more OP figures in this 2 year span, but I guess this is it. Most of these were bought on the cheap too. The G1 legend figure was found at Marshalls for $3.99. The DOTM commander class figure I got for free. Deluxe Animated Prime I got from TRU when they were clearing them out, I think for $7.99. The Walmart exclusive DOTM OP figure was $18.77, but he came as a two pack with Comettor. As for the unopened Primes, Battle Hooks leader OP I got for $19.99 from Ross (you can still see the price tag in the pic). As for Battle Blades voyager Prime, I first got him when he was only $10 at That one was defective however, so I returned it and I got him again from at regular price.

Interestingly enough, the only figure here that I have multiples of is the Reveal the Shield G2 Laser Optimus Prime. I guess it’s because I keep finding him at discount stores for cheap, and I need at least one extra to turn into Nemesis Prime / Scourge (in case Hasbro does not do one). It also helps that FansProject is releasing Battle Tanker. When that happens, this figure may be a sought after item.

In the words of Optimus Prime, Transform and Roll Out!

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Transformers Prime Figures Found!

December 3rd, 2011 3 comments

As a fan of Transformers since 1984, I’m always excited to see new developments and new initiatives in the franchise. Even back in G1, Transformers did not feel the same from season to season. With every new season, Hasbro introduced us to more characters, more stories, more transforming gimmicks, and of course, more toys. In retrospect, some of the things that Hasbro developed were pretty forgettable. But as true fans we still eagerly anticipated what Hasbro would come up with next.

I stopped buying TFs in 1988, and never imagined I would come back to it in 2004. During this 16 year “hiatus”, I’m only vaguely aware of developments that occurred in the world of TF. But since I came back in 2004, I witnessed growth and maturation in the franchise that I never dreamed possible. What brought me back in 2004 were G1 re-issues. It didn’t take me long to move to Binaltechs, Alternators, and MPs, being that they were direct extensions of G1. I was so impressed with the engineering put into these figures, I could not believe what I had in my hands. From there I collected whatever was in mass retail at the time, including Classics (in all forms of CHUG), Titanium, Movie (all 3), Animated, and even Crossovers. I have watched TFs actively evolve in the 7 years since my return, and I’m always thrilled to see what will be the next step in the evolution of TF.

And that brings me to Transformers Prime. In case you don’t already know, Transformers Prime is the latest animated series in this long running franchise. The show is a reboot of our favorite robots in disguise, and it draws inspiration from many of its predecessors, including G1, Movie, and Animated. To this day, I’ve only watched 14 eps (I know I’m behind), but I can already say that this is a series worthy of the Transformers name.

It goes without saying that, with the creation of every new show, the figures won’t be far behind. Although the influence from previous shows is obvious, TF Prime makes some radical changes in character design. Off the top of my head, Arcee, Starscream, and Soundwave are some prominent examples of characters that look vastly different from their previous incarnations. How this was going to translate to the actual figures remained to be seen. Toy engineers at Hasbro certainly had a challenge on their hands.

TF Prime figures appeared in online stores sometime in October (possibly even earlier). I started to see them in local retail this week. The first 3 figures in Wave 1 is now readily available. Taking a cue from the Japanese TF lines, figures in TF Prime are all numbered. 001 is Bumblebee, 002 is Arcee, and 003 is Starscream. In October, NYCC had an exclusive TF Prime 2-pack of Bumblebee and Arcee, repaints of 001 Bumblebee with New York taxi colors and patterns and 002 Arcee in her G1 pink. I wasted no time buying this set from when I learned of it. Then sometime this week I found 003 Starscream at my TRU. So I now possess the first 3 molds of TF Prime.

I’ve opened all 3 figures, so let me just say this now: Transformers Prime figures are awesome! I didn’t think it would be easy to translate the “TF Prime look” into real physical manifestations and still have working figures with both robot and alt modes resemble their show appearance, but Hasbro designers have outdone themselves. The engineering put into these figures is brilliant. Arcee and Starscream is particularly impressive, considering their skinny robot frames and sleek alt modes. Transformation of these two figures are both refreshing and ingenious. Bumblebee ain’t too shabby either, it’s just that we’ve seen similar figures of this quality from the Movie deluxe figures of the same name. But don’t let that stop you from buying one. If these 3 figs are a sign of things to come from the TF Prime line, then I’m looking forward to some great things.

But enough yapping from me. Check out the pics below for yourselves.

I may do reviews of these outstanding figures in the future. But if you don’t already have them, get them before they’re swiped off the shelves. Make no mistake. TF Prime figures are the real deal. Transform and Roll Out!

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