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TF Matrix 14 Year Anniversary

October 10th, 2023 Comments off

One more year! TF Matrix is 14 years old (as of yesterday).

Smart readers will see that, between this year and last year, I did not write a single post. This has got to be my darkest hour, in terms of keeping up with this blog.

I mentioned last year that I moved into a new house right before the 13th year anniversary. What this means is that, after moving in, I only did the 13th and 14th anniversary posts. Maybe this house is bad feng shui for blog work. But in all seriousness, I keep this blog up and running because of my love for Transformers. I’m still very actively buying the figures. Though I find I have less time to spend with them with each passing year.

As far as how the blog performed, it got about another 11,000 hits for the year. So I guess that is the baseline. I could do nothing and count on 11,000 hits per year. Not a great stat but I’ll take it. I can’t do any worse. I gotta write at least one entry between now and next year. Hopefully a lot more than just one. I must use the power of the Matrix to light my darkest hour!

Until that day, ’til all are one! Transform and Roll Out!


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