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ROTF DVD and Bluray released today

October 20th, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen comes out today on DVD and Bluray. I have the first movie on both DVD and Bluray. For the DVD version, I have the Target exclusive version where the case transforms into a movie Optimus Prime. Sometime after that I got a PS3, so then getting the Bluray for true HD quality goes without saying. The first movie was not without its faults, and of course I wished it was more G1 in nature. But overall I thought it was a good update for 2007, the movie TF universe managed to be interesting in its own right, and Michael Bay proved that he could still direct good movies like when he did The Rock. The first Transformers movie was something I recommended to everybody.

ROTF Bluray

I really looked forward to ROTF this summer. I even watched on IMAX. Truth be told, I was disappointed. The story was a convoluted mess that barely made any sense. Sam getting flashes of the All Spark knowledge seemed like a good starting point, but after the story gets into gear, it was never really mentioned again. The on-screen action was probably even more confusing than the first because there are many more TFs this time around. Michael Bay also proves he has the mental maturity of a 12 year old. Skids and Mudflap are some of the worst characters to appear on the big screen, there are way too many jokes about dogs and TFs humping people’s legs, and the “anatomically correct” scene just leaves me shaking my head. And Jetfire, WTF? One of my most beloved TF characters of all time reduced to an old senile robot that needs a walking stick to move around. His ability to transform into Prime’s armor does not impress me either. Devastator seemed impressive at first, but was quickly taken out by… Mudflap and some humans?! Double WTF?! I wanted to like this movie, I really did, especially when TFs mean so much to me. But honestly, this is not something I can wholeheartedly recommend.

So will I be buying ROTF on Bluray? Probably, eventually. But only if I see it on sale or something, and I’m not even gonna actively hunt for it. If memory serves, this is not even 4 whole months after the initial release date for the movie. I know ROTF made boat loads of money worldwide, but I dunno, still seems a little quick for the home version to come out. My theory is that only bad movies get a quick home release, and this is pretty quick.

I hope Bay does not come back for a 3rd one, but I think it is already confirmed that he will be. That’s too bad. I hope he will do some growing up between now and then and give us a more mature treatment of the subject, kinda like how Star Trek was done this summer. Now that is one Bluray I will get on day one.

So until we get a good TF movie… Transform and Roll Out!

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