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Transformers Roll Out Two Year Anniversary

October 12th, 2011

This post is 3 days overdue, but 10/9/2011 was the two year anniversary of this blog. This was on my radar in the month prior to the date. But as we have all experienced, life happens, stuff gets in the way, and before you know it, the anniversary has come and gone. I’m having a little off-time here at work today, and all of a sudden it hits me, “My Blog is 2 years old!”

As I sit here analyzing the stats, I’m happily content with how the blog has performed in the 2nd year. Total hits for year 1 were around 10,000. In year 2 it climbed to almost 80,000, indicating close to 70,000 hits for the year alone. 700% growth is not too shabby in my opinion, though admittedly the bar wasn’t set too high to begin with. Still, I’m in awe at the fact that there are people out there as interested in Transformers as I am, this helps me keep the blog going.

As you can clearly see, there is a huge spike in July 2011. Obviously it had to do with the release of Dark of the Moon.

For those that are interested, here is the one year anniversary post. And here is the very first post.

Here’s to many more years of blogging about Transformers! Transform and Roll Out!



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