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Transformers Purchased in January 2013

January 31st, 2013

The first month of the new year is already over. So far in 2013 it feels like I did nothing but work. Not really a good way to start the year, but it could be worse. My start to 2012 was really crappy, for personal reasons that I won’t mention here. So I guess, in a way, anything’s better. Uneventful, but better. Sometimes no news is good news.

But let’s now get to what’s really important: my TFs for the month. There were a total of 10 purchases this month. This is drastically different from how 2012 started, where I only found 1 TF worth buying for the entire month (PCC Heavytread). So here’s another way that 2013 is off to a better start!

  • Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus, Toys R Us, $15.99

  • PCC Steelshot, Toys R Us, $9.99

  • Masterpiece Red Alert, amiami.com, about $57 shipped

  • Fall of Cybertron Soundblaster with Buzzsaw, Toys R Us, $11.99

  • Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe, amazon.com, $14.99

  • TF Prime Beast Hunters Wheeljack, Toys R Us, $4.99
  • TF Prime Beast Hunters Lazerback, Toys R Us, $15.99
  • TF Prime Beast Hunters Soundwave with Ravage, Toys R Us, $15.99

FOC Kickback and Air Raid

  • Fall of Cybertron Kickback, amazon.com, $14.99
  • Fall of Cybertron Air Raid, amazon.com, $14.99

That is a total of 10 purchases for 12 figures. 1 Masterpiece, 1 PCC, 6 Generations FOC, and 4 TF Prime. Not bad for a full month.

I gave MP Red Alert a quick review. Check that post for my thoughts on the figure. Or better yet, just buy it now. I’ll just mention here real quick that I think I got an awesome price for the figure.

For the Generations FOC figures, I opened Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, and Soundblaster. Ultra Magnus is cool, with a new head mold. The colors on this figure are undoubtedly Ultra Magnus. Actually, I think I like this mold better as Ultra Magnus. I like the Prime figure too, but I think War for Cybertron Optimus is better. And I always felt that Magnus got gypped throughout TF history by being the Prime repaint. So in this TF Universe I like to use the WFC figure as Prime, and have Magnus use this new mold. Sideswipe is cool too. For the longest time I didn’t even know this is a repaint of the Jazz figure. Sideswipe still has all the same weaknesses that I mentioned for the Jazz mold, which are the long arms and the hole in the chest. But for some reason, the arms don’t look as long on Sideswipe. The chest cavity is still an issue though.

Soundblaster is basically just a darker version of Soundwave of the same mold. Both colors have their charm, so I can’t decide which one I like better. Buzzsaw is a straight up repaint of Laserbeak. The two toys are identical in every way other than the colors. However, on my figure, it does seem like the launching mechanism of Soundblaster is a bit better than Soundwave. I only tried Soundblaster ejecting Buzzsaw, but that works well every time. I should try Soundblaster with other discs and see how well that fares. The $11.99 price tag is because I had $11 worth of Toys R Us dollars, he’s usually $22.99 there.

You may wonder why I’m buying a PCC in 2013. They weren’t even all that cool back in 2010 and 2011, when they were released. I’m buying them now because of these Mobine Missile Launcher Sets made by MakeToys. I think they look really cool, and I will probably buy this jungle set to use with my PCCs. Maybe get the marine type too. Anyway, I got Steelshot because this mold is featured in one of the pics for the set. I’m positive I could have got this figure last year for $5 at Ross, so I am kicking myself a little for paying full price now. Still, PCCs have gone way up if you believe Amazon prices. So I think I’m still lucky to find one at MSRP. Steelshot is an ok figure. Not the best figure by PCC standards, but not the worst either.

The only TF Prime Beast Hunter figure I opened so far is Wheeljack. He’s just a slight remold of the first deluxe Wheeljack figure. I like the weapon on the new figure, but if you already have the first Wheeljack then you will want to consider if you like this figure enough to get something so similar. Again, the $4.99 price is because of some more Toys R Us dollars. The other 2 Beast Hunter figures I will open later.

Air Raid and Kickback arrived from amazon just this evening. I barely had time to take these pics. I’m sure I’ll like Air Raid since I found the Shockwave mold so impressive. I had no idea he would be Air Raid though. When I first saw the figure back in this post, I thought he would make a better Strafe. The jet looks high-tech, and the head mold more resembles Strafe. As Fireflight he fits too, I guess. And on amazon he’s also listed as Fireflight. Now I have the package in hand, I see they made him Air Raid. I still say this head mold is a better fit for Strafe. I bet a customizer out there is already making him Strafe. Kickback looks cool. I love the Insecticons. I’m looking forward to opening this figure. Oh yeah, amazon listed this figure simply as Insecticon. They can’t get any of these names right.

So that’s it, my TFs in January of 2013. I also made a whole bunch of pre-orders this month for 3rd party items, but that will be for another time, when they arrive. Until then… Transform and Roll Out!

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  1. aptkane
    January 31st, 2013 at 13:18 | #1

    Outstanding pick ups! I keep my SoundBlaster on my desk with Ratbat, I like him, I just think he should be darker. I have a feeling the Takara Version will be jet black like he’s supposed to be. We’ll have to compare notes on FOC Kickback, mine comes in today!

    • February 1st, 2013 at 22:19 | #2

      thx Pax! So did you get Kickback yet? I still haven’t opened mine. I need to try Soundblaster with more of the discs.

  2. February 2nd, 2013 at 04:14 | #3

    Air Raid is actually Fireflight hence the colors and the Takara version will be Fireflight but actually Air Raid because of the colors. That went on and on in my head when I walked to the cashier to pay for the fig.

    • February 2nd, 2013 at 07:04 | #4

      I see. So that means I need the Takara version too. You found Air Raid in store already?! I’m barely seeing Magnus and Sideswipe now. CA always gets it last.

  3. February 2nd, 2013 at 23:02 | #5

    I’ll need to get Grimlock eventually…and the Insecticon.

    Good Hauls there!

    Magnus is a good figure.

    February 4th, 2013 at 06:31 | #7

    Very nice choices! And yes, I totally relate with the madness you must have faced. For me, I returned to the franchise in November (2011) and ended the year with 5 pieces. 2012 had me miss out on a few, but ended with 7 pieces (6 for 2012 and 1 for 2013). And 1 Diaclone starting off the year. But between those purchases, the way I was planning out my collection and making changes that fit what I currently own was the only thing keeping me sane.

    As for “Fall of Cybertron” Ultra Magnus, ALL SPARK (the manga series) has convinced me to get the TOMY version. His color scheme is so much better than Prime’s, so good call especially if you are into making alterations (FOC Magnus with a few mods will make a better WFC Magnus). But even then, I think their resemblances with most/all Generation One continuities have to do with Alpha Trion. Maybe with him being a back-up plan if the Matrix of Leadership needed to be protected? Not sure. But I do know is that he also does not know his own birthday. *rubs chin* Hmmm… Curious. (Just not curious enough to delve into UNITED, though.) I need to look more into this, thanks to what you said. 😉

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