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Transformers On My Shelf, April 2013

April 8th, 2013

Quick post today. I got this little shelf in my bedroom where I like to display my “active” TFs. Usually this refers to the figures that I recently bought and are still playing with, before they get boxed and stored somewhere. Occasionally this could be a TF that I dug out from said storage, for one reason or another. It’s impossible for me to display every single TF that I have, and quite frankly I don’t like having a lot of clutter. So I display my TFs with this more limited approach.

But the TFs are adding up on this shelf, and it does look quite awesome to see them all together.

TFs on my shelf

Same pic, different angle.

TFs on my shelf 2From left to right
Top shelf, back row: MP Optimus Prime (US TRU exclusive), FOC Air Raid, FOC Omega Supreme
Top shelf, front row: Reveal the Shield Battle in Space Rodimus, MP Soundwave with Laserbeak, TFP Beast Hunters Trailcutter, Reveal the Shield Windcharger, FansProject Car Crash, FansProject T-Bone, TFP Wildrider, TFP Rumble
Middle shelf: GDO Megatron, TFP Breakdown, TFP Dreadwing, GDO Powerdive, MP Thundercracker
Bottom shelf: GDO Cliffjumper (with G1 head), FOC Kickback, TFP Beast Hunters Wheeljack, TFP Beast Hunters Bulkhead, TFP Beast Hunters Smokescreen
To the side: Spike, Roller, and Trailer for MP Optimus Prime (US TRU exclusive)

Most of these are recent purchases. Reveal the Shield Rodimus and Windcharger are the only two older figures that I dug out from boxes, and even they aren’t that old (2011 I think). MP Optimus, Cliffjumper, and all the figures on the middle shelf were all purchases late in 2012. The rest were acquired in 2013.

FOC Omega Supreme is such an awesome figure! He’s robust, well built, and very playable. Not to mention easy to transform. The details on this figure is also superb. This Omega functions well as both a toy and a collector’s piece. I need to do a full review on this figure soon.

Notice that Spike is sitting inside Roller. And Roller is hauling the Trailer. Optimus can be such a slacker sometimes.

Transform and Roll Out.

Teletraan I Communiques

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  1. April 8th, 2013 at 01:44 | #1

    Damn, Omega looks amazing. I’m really tempted to buy him, but I’m torn between him and Hardbone. Very jealous of your Soundwave too!!!!!

    • April 8th, 2013 at 22:00 | #2

      Dude, do what I do when I’m conflicted, buy both! Hardbone looks amazing. I might get him too. If you like to save some money on MP Soundwave, wait for the US version.

  2. April 8th, 2013 at 03:01 | #3

    Jealous of that MP Optimus Prime there….Wished I had gotten him when I saw him….Great assortment of TFs here.

    • April 8th, 2013 at 22:14 | #4

      thx Tyjos! Yup that MP Prime has really gone up in value. I think he’s double the MSRP now. The Japanese version (MP-10) cost even more. I’m glad I have both of them!

  3. aptkane
    April 30th, 2013 at 19:36 | #5

    That looks great! Well displayed HP!

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