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TF Matrix Six Year Anniversary

October 11th, 2015

I can’t believe another year has gone by! It has been six years since I started this blog.

I only got about 75,000 hits since the last anniversary, which is rather disappointing. I have been consistently getting more hits every year since the creation of this blog. This is the first year that the hits dipped when compared to the previous year. It’s no surprise I guess, I have been ignoring the blog for long stretches at a time.

There is just too much in my life to keep this going consistently. My day job is becoming more demanding, and I’m also getting married. Too many other obligations taking time away from my beloved Transformers.

But I won’t shut this down! I will make time to write again. Transformers mean way too much to me.

I vow to have more than 75,000 hits for next year! Transform and Roll Out!

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