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Happy Chinese New Year! Top 15 TF Cats: No. 2

February 27th, 2010 Comments off

Happy Chinese New Year! I’m continuing the countdown of the top 15 big cats of the TF Universe during the 15 days of the celebration in honor of the year of the Tiger. Today we’re at no. 2.

No. 3 appears here.

Number 2: Cheetor
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Sub-Group: None
Function: Scout
Cat Alt Mode: Cheetah

Cheetor made regular and frequent appearances in all 3 seasons of Beast Wars. Cheetor was one of the main characters the show, and is one of the very few TFs from any series to be given enough treatment that we see sufficient character development as the show progressed. At the start of the series, Cheetor is young and impulsive (not unlike Hot Rod from G1). He showed great potential as a warrior but would also often be a liability because of his recklessness. At the end of Beast Wars, Cheetor keeps much of the same traits, but shows signs of maturity and hints that leadership skills may be surfacing. Cheetor goes through two transformations in the show, first advancing to Transmetal form then Transmetal II (kinda like class advancements in a RPG). I’m not too familiar with BW toys, but I believe they made toys of all versions of Cheetor. Cheetor is indeed a popular character as his toy was made in other toylines as well, including Titanium and Universe. The pic you see above is the toy from the Universe line. My buddy Gemini has this toy and I kinda regret not getting one. That cheetah mode is looking pretty good. I’m also reading some reviews stating the Titanium Cheetor is not too bad either. I may need to hunt these down.

No. 1 Tomorrow… Transform and Roll Out!

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