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Customized Generations Red Alert

August 8th, 2011 4 comments

One of the biggest differences between the US version of Generations Red Alert and the Japanese Henkei equivalent has to do with the color of Red Alert’s head. The Henkei figure has a red head, accurate to the G1 animated series and to the G1 toy. The US Generations figure, however, comes with a black head, same as Universe Sideswipe. So once again, fans on this side of the Pacific gets the less show accurate version. Personally I don’t think it’s a big issue, but many other G1 fans other than myself feels strongly against the mis-coloration.

And so my friend Gemini comes to the rescue (much like Red Alert himself). As a customizer he did an excellent job of painting Red Alert’s head red for me. While he was at it, he painted the gun silver. Check out pics below.

Customized and uncustomized version side by side.

With his good buddy Inferno.

I think a black head on Red Alert has a charm of its own, but as a G1-er I certainly appreciate a red-headed version. Now if only someone will make his G1 missile launcher…

Transform and Roll Out!

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Generations Thundercracker Quick Review

April 30th, 2011 3 comments

Here is a quick review of Generations Thundercracker. Much like the quick review for Generations Dirge, I’m just gonna point out some differences between the recently mass-released Generations Thundercracker and the semi-limited Henkei Thundercracker. I think all TransFans who are even remotely interested in Classics-verse figures are already familiar with this mold, so there’s no need for me to go in-depth.

As far as I know, the Generations figure is the third Thundercracker released in the Classics-verse. The first one was a Botcon 2007 exclusive (released with exclusives of Thurst and Dirge) and it was extremely limited. The second one produced was the Japanese only Henkei version. The price of the Henkei was more reasonable, but the figure still had a limited status so it wasn’t cheap either. I bought mine for about $60 to $70 at Botcon 2009 from BBTS so I could complete my Seeker squadron.

TransFans who bought Henkei Thundercracker will tell you that, construction wise, this is the worst figure produced by Hasbro/Takara of all the CHUG Seekers. The joints on this figure is way too loose. In jet mode its not too bad since everything comes together as one, but in robot mode the problems become obvious. The leg/hip joints swivel way too easily. The back wings do not stay up. And worst of all, the cannons do not stay on the arms! Seriously, shaking the figure just a little in robot mode, and the cannons come right off. Either the pegs are too small or the holes on the arms are too big. Many fans have resorted to buying the KO version of this figure even after they got the Henkei, simply because the KO version is better built. At one time I thought about buying the KO also. But then I kinda forgot, and before I knew it Hasbro announced they will be doing a mass release Thundercracker in the US in the Generations line. I got mine for about $12 and received it early this month. I’m happy to report that Generations Thundercracker have no quality issues. This is the figure to get. But there are paint and color variations between the two. Below I point out some key differences.


  • Generations is a darker shade of blue. I think Generations is more G1 accurate to the toy. More on this later.
  • Generations has the nosecone painted black which is accurate to the G1 toy. Nosecone on Henkei is blue and that’s G1 accurate to the show. No preference from me here.
  • The Decepticon symbols on the Generations fig have the crown towards the rear, while Henkei has it in the opposite orientation. I like the orientation on Generations better because when you transform into robot, the symbol will be right side up. Generations also has a silver outline around the symbols so they look better. Generations wins here.
  • The red and white stripes on the wings and tail fins are slightly different. See the pics above. They both look good.
  • Henkei has a small Decepticon symbol on the nosecone and Generations does not.

Check out the pic above with the 2 CHUG figures next to a G1-reissue. I know it’s hard to tell from this pic, but it looks to me like the blue on the Generations fig matches closer to G1.


  • Henkei has chrome on the guns while Generations does not. This is about the only thing that is hands down better on the Henkei.
  • Shoulder stripes on Generations are painted red while on Henkei they’re painted white.
  • There’s a little bit of red painted near the waist on Generations. The same area on Henkei only has the base blue color.
  • On the legs of the Henkei, there are panels near the knees that are painted silver and black. This same area on Generations is unpainted.
  • Pattern on the shoulder/intake are different. Generations has little triangles painted red. Henkei has the base design painted black.
  • I didn’t take a pic of this, but Henkei also has Decepticon symbols on the back of the wings (wing underside in jet mode). Generations does not.
  • The launchers on Generations are mostly black. Henkei launchers are mostly blue.
  • In the chest area near the cockpit, Generations is colored silver. The same area on Henkei is colored blue.
  • There is a small Decepticon symbol on the chest of the Generations. Henkei does not have this.

One last thing that I wanted to point out are the missile launchers. On the Henkei, the missile shoots farther, but its kinda hard to press the button. Sometimes it feels like its stuck. With Generations, the missiles don’t fly as far, but pressing down on the button is not an issue.

Below is a pic of all my opened Thundercracker figures.

From left to right: Generations, Titanium, Henkei, Movie

In conclusion, I definitely recommend buying Generations over Henkei. It’s way cheaper and way better built. Only buy the Henkei if you must have that particular Thundercracker color scheme. Back in 2009, I had a feeling Hasbro would eventually mass produce Thundercracker, but wasn’t 100% certain so I bought a Henkei anyway. I should have more faith in my own TF instincts.

This reminds me, I still need to buy a MP Thundercracker. I’m hoping Hasbro will do one here in the US like they did Starscream and Skywarp (both Walmart exclusives). Transform and Roll Out!

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