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25th Anniversary Unicron with Kranix

September 28th, 2011 5 comments

When I went to BotCon 2011, one of the TFs that I learned will be released is the 25th Anniversary Unicon. This is the same figure that was released in the TF Armada line, but slightly repainted to be more G1 Movie accurate. At the Con it was indicated he will be an Amazon exclusive, but I didn’t notice that from all the TF excitement so I actually didn’t learn this fact til later.

I saw some Armada Unicron figs when I first got back into TFs in 2004. Some stores were even clearing them out at around $50. At that time, spending that kind of money for TFs were unthinkable. Plus I really didn’t want figures this massive. So I missed my chance to get Unicron, a decision I’ve come to regret. Well no more! 7 yrs and 400+ TFs later, I’m almost completely immune to TF spending. Opportunity was knocking once again for me to get a Unicron, this time in a new color scheme that looks better than Armada’s if I dare say so. This figure was most definitely on my radar.

Being an Amazon exclusive meant I had to check the website often, especially with all the scalpers out there these days. This figure went up for sale late Aug and the scalpers quickly bought them all. I was beginning to think I would miss out again. But Amazon did release more later on, and so I got one last week as soon as I saw it was available. MSRP is $59.99.

Unicron is huge! He is without a doubt the biggest TF figure I own. Check out pics of him in the box below.

Gimmicks galore! Glowing eyes, light up fist, chest opening for missile, leg missiles, Kranix as Mini-Con, and much more.

Those are some insane stats!

  • Strength: ∞
  • Intelligence: ∞
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: ∞
  • Rank: 10
  • Courage: 10
  • Fireblast: ∞
  • Skill: 10

I threw in Rodimus in that last shot for size comparison. The star of the G1 Movie that destroys Unicron has to make an appearance if we’re talking about the Harbinger of Chaos.

Check Amazon often for Unicron’s availability. Do not pay dealer prices! As this very moment, he is available at MSRP direct from Amazon. Sometimes Amazon will sell out and there are no stock except from greedy scalpers, but don’t give in to their demands. I think Amazon withholds inventory to be released in phases for whatever reason, but they made more than enough. Just wait until its available again if you don’t see it.

I plan to open this soon. Unicron cannot be stopped! Transform and Roll Out!

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