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Transformers Christmas Tree

December 21st, 2013 Comments off

I got done setting up my Christmas Tree sometime this week. It’s a small manufactured tree, just to make my place look a little more festive. The GF bought me some ornaments to put up. I thought I give this tree a little more Cybertron flair, so some of my legends class Transformers are going up as ornaments!

Tree 6

Can you identify how many TFs are on here?

Happy Cybertronian Christmas! Transform and Roll Out.

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Trailbreaker and Trailcutter

May 12th, 2013 Comments off

Back in 1984 when Transformers first came on the scene, there were only 3 categories of Autobots that you could buy. There was Optimus Prime, who was in a category all by himself (and rightfully so). There were the Minicars, such as Bumblebee. And then there were the Autobot Cars, a US localization of Japanese Diaclone figures. A scan of the Season 1 catalog below illustrates the 3 categories.

Of all the 1st Season Autobot Cars, Trailbreaker is the only one that has yet to have a proper update in the CHUG-verse. Sure they made a Legend class figure a while back, but that’s not a real update considering all the other characters had a deluxe class or larger CHUG figure made.

Earlier this year, Hasbro finally announced that they will be releasing a deluxe size Trailcutter. I’m guessing for trademark reasons, they could not get the name Trailbreaker. But whatever. I am totally stoked that Trailbreaker is finally getting the recognition he deserves! This means the Season 1 Cars will be complete in CHUG. Pics of this Trailcutter have been floating around for a while now, but I need to do my part and post them here.

But there is another reason why I’m so thrilled at Trailbreaker’s inclusion in CHUG. Back in G1, he was the very first Autobot Car that I owned. I still remember that trip to TRU. It was 1985. I was standing in the TF aisle and my parents were gonna buy me a TF car of my choosing. The Season 2 cars were already out by then (I remember distinctly seeing Red Alert), but Season 1 cars were still on the shelves. I looked at the section for a long time. In the end I decided on Trailbreaker.

I can’t explain why I picked Trailbreaker. If you were going by characters, it’s hard to pick Trailbreaker over one of the cooler characters, like Jazz or Sideswipe. Admittedly, I didn’t know the TF characters too well, since I barely knew any English. So my choice was not based on TF persona. Likewise, if you were going by alt mode (all TFs back then were packed in alt mode), it’s hard to imagine picking a SUV over a sports car. So it’s a mystery why I went with Trailbreaker. Maybe the toy just looked too cool in the box. I’m partial to TFs that I own. So for the next few years, I cheered every time Trailbreaker did something cool in the cartoons. Like using his Force Field so save the day when another Autobot has gotten them into some sorry Decepticon mess.

Since Trailbreaker and I have this special history, I’m kind of irked by the fact that Hasbro CHUG-updated all the other Season 1 cars except for him. It’s like I picked the character that got left out. But better late than never I always say. Trailbreaker has finally arrived at the party. And besides, the pics above look awesome! Maybe in this case, they were saving the best for last. Yes that must be it. I feel better that my character of choice received this proud distinction. 🙂

I still have my G1 Trailbreaker figure, from 1985. In this modern era of new Transformers, I only have 2 Trailcutters. And to give Trailbreaker the recognition he deserves, I’m taking group pics of all of them.

The largest figure in the pics is obviously G1. The middle size figure is a Cyberverse Commander class figure from TF Prime, the new Beast Hunters subline. And the smallest figure there is a Legends figure from Reveal the Shield. I will give some quick thoughts on each of these figures.

This figure needs no introduction. They sure don’t make TFs like this anymore. G1 figures, especially the first 2 seasons, were generally alt mode first and Trailbreaker is no exception. His alt mode still holds up well today. Trailbreaker is a fourth generatino Toyota HiLux and the toy resembles the real thing very closely. The diecast construction and real rubber tires were iconic of figures at the time. I had this figure since 1985 and even today he’s in pretty good shape. In alt mode he feels like one cohesive whole. He rolls extremely well on a flat surface, even when compared to other G1, because he’s got such high clearance like a real pick-up truck. In robot mode Trailbreaker looks somewhat different from his cartoon counterpart. Like many other Season 1 characters, the show made him look better than he really is. But the toy’s robot mode is still not too bad for it’s time. Much better than the robot mode of some other G1 cars, like Ironhide or Sunstreaker. Like all G1 the poseability is super limited. You can move the arms, but that’s it.

Reveal the Shield Legend
I bought this figure back in 2011. For a legends figure he’s not bad. The overall transformation schema of this piece is almost exactly like G1. The arms and back are formed differently, but those are the only obvious transformation differences. The amazing thing about this figure is that, though small, it doesn’t feel that much dumbed down from G1 when compared side by side. The transformation complexity is almost equal. I guess toy technology have made some significant progress in the last 25+ years. The alt mode is sufficient, and the robot mode is an obvious homage to G1. The look of the legs and the force field module on the head are both very G1 inspired.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander
This figure was bought in March of this year, only two months from this writing. Normally I don’t buy Cyververse figs, but when I saw Trailcutter I had to get him, since I’m partial to the character. This figure is a slight remold of Cyberverse Ironhide. Hasbro made enough differences here to properly distinguish the two. Trailcutter gets a new head mold, shoulder cannons, spikes on the shoulders and arms, and a weapon. I applaud Hasbro for not simply giving us a unmodified repaint. This figure has the most articulation of the 3 TFs here. You can do some nice poses with this fig. There’s even articulation in the head, though there’s probably too much around the neck to really put that to use. He’s also the most difficult out of these 3 to transform, though that’s not really saying much. The colors are pure Trailcutter, and the shoulder cannons and head Force Field module are nice G1 homages.

I cannot wait to get this new CHUG Trailcutter. He’s finally getting some love! Transform and Roll Out!

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My TF Legend Collection

November 27th, 2012 2 comments

Legend class figures are some of the smallest figures that Hasbro makes. Sometimes they’re called Legion figures. Since they’re so small, I put them all in one box, regardless of which series they came from. This way it’s easy for me to find them. They are all super easy to transform. I usually don’t buy them, but they can be a fun distraction every now and then. So I was kind of surprised when I took them all out and see that I have this many. Guess they add up like everything else.

From left to right:
Back row: Vehicon, Motorbreath, Thundercracker, Megatron
Middle row: Dualor, Warpath, Trailcutter, Gold Bumblebee, Beachcomber, Prowl
Front row: Wheelie, Optimus Prime, Hoist, Bumblebee, Brawn, Bluestreak

Some random thoughts in bullet points:

  • I recommend all of these, except Vehicon and Dualor. Deluxe Vehicon is way better, both FE and RID. Dualor is just a waste of space.
  • As of this writing, 4 of these are readily available: Thundercracker, Motorbreath, Hoist, and Bluestreak. Get to your Toys R Us store if you want them.
  • For a lot of these figs, I’ve only seen them once. They include: Optimus Prime, Wheelie, yellow Bumblebee, Brawn, Beachcomber, Warpath, and Dualor. It’s safe to say they’re rare.
  • The only one I would say is not that rare is Gold Bumblebee, though I think I’ve only seen him like 3 or 4 times.
  • As a G1 purist, I would say the must gets are Wheelie, both Bumblebees, Brawn, Warpath, and Beachcomber. Their small size accurately reflects how they were in G1. Though it’s worth noting that Warpath and Bumblebee have more impressive Deluxe versions too.
  • For the time being, I would also get Trailcutter and Hoist, just because these are the only way to get CHUG representations of the characters. I’m still holding out hope that Hasbro will give us Deluxe versions of these guys. Then the Autobot cars from the first 2 seasons would be CHUG complete in Deluxe or larger (sans Skids, but I don’t care much for Skids).
  • Prime, Megs, Thundercracker, Prowl, and Bluestreak are all good figs. But their larger counterparts in CHUG are way better. And as Legend they make no sense scale wise. So only get them if you’re hardcore or a completest.
  • Conspicuously missing is Cosmos. He’s super rare.

Bluestreak: Hoist, it’s your turn to mow the lawn.
Hoist: No way dude! I did it last week.

Legend figures… Transform and Roll Out.

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Reveal the Shield Legend Megatron

November 18th, 2011 Comments off

In my last post, I mentioned that I found a whole bunch of Reveal the Shield Legend Figures. However, the one that I really wanted out of the series still eluded me, which is Legend Megatron.

Well, this week I went back to that same Marshalls. And lo and behold, I found him!

This time he was the lone RtS Legend figure sitting with a pile of Hunt For the Decepticons Scout figures. I’m really happy to locate this little guy. To me, Megatron should always be a gun, and this figure stays true to that ideal. The fact that this Megatron is a G1 homage is also a plus.

Over the weekend I was at a different Marshalls near where the GF lives, and I found RtS Legend Prowl there. Again, he was the only RtS Legend figure sitting with a bunch of random TFs. Since Classic/Universe Prowl is such a awesome figure, getting RtS Legend Prowl is not as high a priority. Still, I wasted no time to pick him up.

This means the only RtS Legend fig that I don’t have is Starscream. I like to get him too, but if I don’t, I’ll live.

I might do a group pic/review of these little dudes in a future post. Legend class figures make great ornaments on the Christmas tree. Maybe I’ll try that this holiday season. Transform and Roll Out!

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Reveal the Shield Legend Figures

November 9th, 2011 Comments off

I think by now, all hardcore TransFans are aware of the serious distribution issues with Transformers figures from the Reveal the Shield (RtS) sub line. The usual hunting grounds for TFs, such as Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us, carried very little stock of figures from RtS, if at all. Being the avid TF hunter that I am, I was still able to find most of the ones I wanted from this line at the retailers I frequent. However, many figures were still nowhere to be seen.

That all changed when I started looking for TFs at discount stores. And by that I mean Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. In the last few months, I was able to get some RtS figures that I couldn’t locate anywhere else. The discount stores also carry them at a much lower price. I’ve found Grapple, Lugnut, Deep Dive, and Strafe, all at $9.99 each. I’ve never seen the Voyager class figs at the usual places. Then came the Deluxes, usually at $6.99 each, such as Jazz, Tracks, Bumblebee, and Perceptor. These I’ve seen before, but it was still good to get extras at a discount.

But one class still eluded me: the small Legend class figures. I’ve seen the Legend RtS figs at BotCon, but I was not gonna pay what the dealers ask on them. BBTS had them for a while, but they quickly sold out. Sometime in the summer after BotCon, I was at a TJ Maxx near where the GF lives, and found Gold Bumblebee. I kept telling her what a rare find this was. And of course I quickly grabbed it. That was the only time I saw one. Until today! Feast your eyes on all the Legends that I was able to snag at Marshalls.

I grabbed everything I could find. Toys at discount stores are usually piled in a mess so you really have to dig through things. But it was well worth it. Like I said, I already have one Gold Bumblebee (and also its original repaint, Bumblebee from Universe), but it’s still good to get one extra. Besides that I found one Optimus and two Trailcutters. As far as I know, Trailcutter is the only update to Trailbreaker in any of the modern TFs, so I must have one (or two). At only $3.99 each, they were very affordable.

Unfortunately, RtS Legend Megatron was still nowhere to be found. That’s the one I really want too. Oh well, guess I’ll keep looking. Starscream and Prowl would be good to get too, if I see them.

As a sidebar, other than the 3 Legend figs that I can’t find, the only other RtS figures that I’ve never seen at any retailer, discount or otherwise, is deluxe Wreck-Gar and scout Windcharger. I got Wreck-Gar direct from Amazon one night when they had it for $14.99. Prices are usually much higher, and BotCon dealers wanted $40 to $50 for one. My buddy Gemini found a Wreck-Gar at Ross. Windcharger is officially cancelled by Hasbro so technically he shouldn’t be available anywhere, but some fans have reported seeing him in stores. I got mine from the Hasbro booth at BotCon, but I was forced to buy him along with many other figures.

I had started to give up on finding the Legend figs, but today’s hunt proved they can be found. Keep looking my fellow TransFans! Transform and Roll Out!

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