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Happy Chinese New Year! Top 15 TF Cats: No. 8

February 21st, 2010 Comments off

Happy Chinese New Year! I’m continuing the countdown of the top 15 big cats of the TF Universe during the 15 days of the celebration in honor of the year of the Tiger. Today we’re at no. 8.

No. 9 appears here.

Number 8: Leobreaker
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-Group: None
Function: Warrior
Cat Alt Mode: Lion

Leobreaker comes from Transformers Cybertron, part of the Unicron Trilogy. This is one of those TF series that I’m not all too familiar with so I’m just gonna comment on the toy. This is a Voyager class figure and I think he looks pretty good. The pic above is the lion mode and his robot mode ain’t too shabby either. My understanding is that his original identity was Overhaul. After arriving on the Jungle planet, some stuff happens and he gets reformatted into Leobreaker. Some fans speculate that originally his name was supposed to be Trailbreaker (after the G1 character) and not Overhaul. This would make sense, since Overhaul’s alt mode was a SUV and the transition to the name Leobreaker would be much smoother. Regardless, I like this character because in robot mode he’s got claws like Wolverine.

No. 7 Tomorrow… Transform and Roll Out!

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