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Happy Chinese New Year! Top 15 TF Cats

February 14th, 2010 Comments off

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish everyone happiness and prosperity in the new year ahead. For those that don’t know, Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival. It is a 15 day celebration that begins with the New Year (on the Chinese Lunar Calendar) and ends 15 days later on the day of the Lantern Festival. My friends from China tell me that, where they come from, many businesses literally shut down for the entire period in celebration of the event. Its too bad we don’t have something similar here in the United States (I work 9 to 6 and live a cubicle life, so I could certainly appreciate the 15 days off).

This is also the year of the tiger. People who belong to this Chinese Zodiac is said to be lucky, vivid, lively, and engaging. Tigers are well-liked because of their charming personality. They are courageous and do not shy away from competition, though they can be restless and obstinate.

In honor of 15 days of the Spring Festival and the Year of the Tiger, I will count down the top 15 big cats in the TF Universe over the next 15 days, until we get to number 1.

Have a safe and happy Chinese New Year! And to quote Brian Setzer: “I got cat class and I got cat style.”

Number 15: Snow Cat
Series: Universe
Allegiance: Decepticon
Sub-Group: Mini-Cons, Ground Surveillance Mini-Con Team
Function: ???
Cat Alt Mode: White Tiger

This is no. 15 so I’m really digging into the bottom of the TF barrel here. This Snow Cat (pic above) is not to be confused with the character of the same name from the Unicron Trilogy. The toy comes in a Universe Armada 10 pack that might be a K-Mart exclusive if I remember correctly. Not sure if this is a new mold of a repaint of something previous, but the transformation appears to be extremely simple, like all Mini-Cons. I don’t think this Snow Cat has an appearance anywhere. But he is a White Tiger so very appropriate for today’s posting.

No. 14 Tomorrow… Transform and Roll Out!

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