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Transformers Purchased in August 2012

September 1st, 2012 8 comments

August has been kind of a eventful month for me. But not as far as TF shopping goes. In fact, I only bought 2 TFs this month, and it’s not from lack of hunting. Anyway, they appear below.

  • TF Animated Wingblade Optimus Prime, eBay, $42.74 shipped

  • TF Prime Cyberverse Ultra Magnus, Walmart, $9.96

There’s just a total lack of TFs in stores at the moment. Wingblade OP is a eBay purchase. And Ultra Magnus is a Cyberverse fig, which I usually don’t buy. I could’ve very well not bought any TFs this month. Scary!

Anyway, I bought Wingblade OP because I love the wing attachment. Even though I already have two Hasbro figures of this mold, I still felt justified in spending the $$$ for the wings. Plus this Optimus is in clear red plastic. In my opinion, this is one of the best molds in the Animated line. When this fig first came out, he was well into the $50s. In the low $40s, I didn’t even blink and just got one. TF Source had this on sale this month for $47. I almost bought OP there, but thought I check eBay just in case. Sure enough, some seller in Malaysia had it even cheaper. I wonder if a lost shipment of TFA Wingblade OP just suddenly turned up somewhere if they all got so cheap so quickly.

As for Ultra Magnus, I got him simply because he’s Ultra Magnus. I think Cyberverse is a fun distraction, but nothing I get too excited for. Still, I love the character, and this figure turned out to be a winner. He’s simple like all Cyberverse, but I have fun transforming Magnus back and forth. All 4 limb joints are kinda loose, but nothing a little clear nail polish won’t fix. The hammer weapon is cool too.

Even though that’s only 2 figures for the month, August does come with the release of Fall of Cybertron, which must be mentioned.

I’ve had the game for several days now, but had no chance to play it at all. I recently bought a new home, and anyone that has purchased property in the past will tell you that it’s no trivial matter. There’s a lot of crap that comes with the transaction. It hasn’t left me with much time, so playing FOC and making posts on this blog has kinda fallen by the wayside. But I should be done with it all soon, and I’ll be back in Prime form for even more TFs in no time.

I gotta do better than 2 TFs in Sept. I’m expecting a huge order from TF Source. Hopefully the Giant green set doesn’t get delayed again. Transform and Roll Out!

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