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FansProject TFX Defender – Springer

December 20th, 2009

Springer was one of the more recognizable characters from the G1 movie and most of Season 3. He is famous for being the first Autobot Triple Changer introduced in G1, for his decent combat and leadership skills, and for hanging around Arcee all the time (much to the displeasure of Hot Rod). He had a decent figure in G1, but since then this character has not had any toy updates to my knowledge (not counting repaints of other molds). Springer received significant screen time in the G1 movie so you think Hasbro would love to cash in on this character, but the leader of the Wreckers is always overlooked by the toy manufacturer for some strange reason.

Fear not, TransFans! FansProject loves you and they are releasing their own version of the famous Autobot Triple Changer. Of course, FansProject is not tied to Hasbro in any way and does not have licensing rights to any of the Hasbro properties, and so they are releasing this as TFX Defender. This will be their first attempt at a stand-alone transforming figure and it’s shaping up to be very promising. Check out the pics below.

These are prototype pics and it’s too bad we don’t see him in his official colors, but already he’s looking promising. Not sure why he’s called Warbot in some of these pics. FansProject website does not mention Warbot at all, but whatever. BBTS just started taking pres for him. At $78.99, this figure is a tad expensive considering he is only about 6″ tall (about Deluxe size). But word is he will have diecast parts and this will be a limited run. I am thinking long and hard about buying this. Actually, I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I will be buying this. This is simply too cool to pass up.

Go Springer! Transform and Roll Out!

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