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Botcon 2009 Pics Part 2

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Part 2 of my BotCon 2009 pics continues today. In case you missed it, Part 1 is here.


“Unreleased and Upcoming” Toys


hehe… I put that in quotes cause at the time all these were not released, and planned for the rest of 2009 and part of 2010 (I think all have been released as of this writing). As such, they were all behind glass display cases, standing prominently for the eager TF fan to drool over.

The toys in the middle and bottom rows are 2009’s BotCon Exclusives, the “Wings of Honor” set of 5 figures. Don’t remember who they are, but all repaints. I think it was about $200 for the whole set. Not sure who are the guys in the top row.

Various “upcoming” ROTF Deluxe and Scout class figures. I still don’t have any of these 🙁

ROTF Leader class Prime, Meg, Jetfire. I have Prime.

Same toys, different angle.

Various “upcoming” ROTF Voyager class figures. Again, I don’t have any of these 🙁

Various “upcoming” ROTF Voyager class figures out of the box.

Various “upcoming” ROTF Deluxe class figures. I have Sideways, Sideswipe, and Breakaway.

Various “upcoming” ROTF Deluxe class figures out of the box.

ROTF Devastator!

Human Alliance Bumblebee. I really wanted these at the time, but I’m not feeling the robot mode.

Human Alliance Bumblebee and Sideswipe.

25th Anniversary Soundwave re-issue! He comes with 4 cassettes, one of them (Ratbat) never re-released in the US since the 80s. Being the G1 purist that I am, I knew I had to have this set, despite the fact I already have two other Soundwave re-issues. He ended up being a SDCC Exclusive, but that would not stop me. I ended up getting him thru ebay. I paid $64 shipped, but he’s worth every penny.

G1 and ROTF Soundwave and Ravage, side by side. Cool.

Fast Action Battlers. I don’t care for these at all.

Here we have various store exclusives. Titanium Thrust and Prime were Target Exclusives and they appear on the bottom shelf to the left. I have Titanium Thrust. Next to them are Ultra Class Powerglide, Hardhead, and Skyfall, Walmart Exclusives. MP Skywarp on the top shelf is another Walmart Exclusive. Next to him is the TRU Exclusive Whirl and Roadbuster 2-Pack. Not sure if Ultimate Bumblebee was an exclusive, I know I’ve seen him around and I think at a bunch of places.

25th Anniversary Insecticons and Perceptor, and a ROTF Fallen figure.

As I look at these now in June of 2010, I’m amazed at how many of them I actually managed to find and buy. Nothing stops me when I want my TFs.

Stay tuned for Part 3… Transform and Roll Out!

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