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Roll For BotCon!

June 1st, 2011 5 comments

BotCon 2011 is this coming weekend! I’m so stoked! It officially starts tomorrow, but I will only be there for General Admission which is Saturday and Sunday. I can’t wait for all the robots and the TransFans. Pasadena Convention Center is a great venue for the event. I will be doing some serious shopping. I need to make a list of figures that I’m looking for so I don’t miss anything. I might attend some panels. In the 09 Con on Sunday, Tyrese made a surprise visit! Who knows what surprises Hasbro has in stored for us.

Below I have some previous posts mentioning BotCon on this blog:
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I will be sure to post pics from BotCon 2011 in a later post. TransFans, heed the call! Transform and Roll Out… for BotCon!

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