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My Current Pre-Orders, May 2013

May 24th, 2013

I got a whole bunch of crap on pre-order. So much that it makes sense to make a post dedicated on just this topic. So here they are.

Takara MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl

Takara MP-18 Masterpiece Bluestreak

FansProject Causality CA-11 Last Chance

FansProject Causality CA-12 Down Force

Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-01 Terminus Hexatron

Mastermind Creations Reformatted – Feral Rex – R-02 Talon – Aerial Assaulter

Mastermind Creations Reformatted – Feral Rex – R-03 Bovis – Supply Specialist

MakeToys MB-01-C Mobine Paladin / Chaos

MakeToys MB-01-SP1 Mobine Missile Launcher Jungle Type

Beelzeboss Heroic Duo Custom Kit Version 2.0


ToyWorld TW-T03 Trace – Gestalt Part 3

That’s a lot of stuff! With the exception of the 2 MPs, they are all 3rd party products. It seems like everyone wants a piece of custom TF action. Perhaps this is a more lucrative business than I thought. Only Primus knows when all this stuff will get released though. I hope it’s soon.

On unrelated news, I will be attending Fanime 2013 this Sunday. Look for a coverage soon… Transform and Roll Out.

Teletraan I Communiques

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  1. May 26th, 2013 at 02:26 | #1

    Who is the Mobine Jungle type supposed to be an update of? He looks awesome!

    • May 28th, 2013 at 07:08 | #2

      I’m not sure, but he looks so cool I must have one! There’s a marine type too and I’m thinking of getting that as well. Supposedly these kits work with all PCCs.

  2. arayeph
    July 2nd, 2013 at 18:45 | #3

    Feral Rex is a huge of waste of time, just IMO. I was looking at some of the prototype reviews on Youtube and several parts had broken off intransit to the reviewer via overseas shipping. I had this same exact thing happen when I ordered 3rd Party “Masterpiece” seeker Ramjet. As a result,Thrust is still in packaging and never taken out since I’m afraid it could break if ever were to handle the figure. Also was looking Quakewave pics from people that ordered them and reports of broken finger digits in most cases, other people have great trouble transforming the figure, and its fragility. One thing I don’t understand about the high price of these 3rd party custom figures is the material used if its going to break, why are we paying such inflated ripoff prices when we can get the real thing from Hasbro/Takara and have better chance of it not breaking?

    • July 3rd, 2013 at 23:38 | #4

      hey arayeph you bring up some interesting points. I’m really hoping Feral Rex won’t have those QC issues because he looks freakin’ amazing. As for the 3rd party “Masterpieces”, I don’t have them and will probably never buy them. Quakewave looks tempting though. But all these QC issues remind me of my Toynami Alpha fighters. I opened one, and now both hands are broken. So I left the rest sealed in their boxes.

      3rd parties exist because they will make stuff that Hasbro/Takara will not. Sometimes the real thing does come out later (like the MPs), but often times they don’t. Or sometimes Hasbro will do something equivalent, but much much later. Warbot Defender by FansProject comes to mind. Hasbro released Generations Springer years later, for about 1/4th the cost. These are both good figures. But I do think Generations Springer is superior, and much cheaper. If these 2 came out around the same time, I’m willing to bet Defender won’t sell half as well.

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