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Titans Return Hot Rod

May 7th, 2016

I love to say I told you so! It’s not something I get to say often, but it’s pretty sweet when it does happen.

Couple blog posts ago, I mentioned that I have a feeling Hasbro is working on a new Rodimus. Well TransFans, behold! I give you Titans Return Hot Rod.

Titans Return is the next label that Hasbro will use for everything in the CHUG-verse (of course the current one being Combiner Wars, which is slowly coming to an end). Everything in the Titans Return line appears to be figure using Master technology, i.e. Headmaster, and perhaps also Targetmaster and Powermaster. Hasbro is making some characters into Headmasters that never were. Such as Hot Rod here (who will probably be released as Rodimus).

I am getting excited just looking at this Rodimus. Hasbro has been hitting it out of the park with some of their latest TF renditions of G1 season 3 characters, such as Ultra Magnus, Arcee, and Springer. If this new Rodimus is on par with those offerings, then this addition is most welcome.

Click here for more details. Transform and Roll Out.

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