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Toys R Us Paris

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I mentioned in my last post that I just got back from vacation. I traveled to New Zealand and Australia, and those are awesome places to visit! Whenever I come back from a big trip, I start thinking of other big trips that I’ve taken in the past. This made me think of the time I went to Europe, in September of 2015. I made a brief mention about it back in this post.

For this Europe trip, first we hit up Munich. We were there for Oktoberfest, and other things. We spent a few days there before we took the train to Paris. The French capital is a beautiful place. On our last day there, we decided to visit the La Defense District of Paris, just to check out areas that weren’t so touristy. Once I got there, I realized there’s a Toys R Us! And of course I had to go in there and see if I can find any good TFs. In this post I will outline my TF hunting adventures in Paris, like I did for Shanghai.

La Defense

La Defense is the business and financial district of Paris. It is much like the Financial District (FiDi) of San Francisco. During the day you will see many people dressed in business attire walking about. La Defense is located northwest of the central Paris area, just a short subway ride away from Arc de Triomphe.

The distinguishing monument in La Defense is the Grande Arche. And because of that, La Defense is still a bit more touristy than we thought. Still, I’m glad I saw it. Here are some pics of the main area of La Defense.

Standing at La Defense, looking east, across the Historical Axis of Paris. In the distance you can see the Arc de Triomphe.

Similar view as the first pic, but looking more southeast.

Looking south, at the mall where the Toys R Us is.

La Grande Arche de la Défense.

Close up of La Grande Arche.

Right inside and underneath the La Grande Arche, looking up at its ceiling.

Going past La Grande Arche and looking further west.

Back to the main area and looking north.

Back to the main area and looking northeast.

The Mall
Toys R Us is inside this mall at the main area of La Defense, a short walk from La Grande Arche. I don’t know the name of the mall. Sometimes I marvel at how similar malls across the world looks to malls of United States. I guess American consumerism is infectious everywhere.

Right outside the entrance to the mall.

The mall food court.

Another random shot of the inside of this mall.

Toys R Us
The Paris Toys R Us does not look that different than any American Toys R Us. Even the writing in the store is mostly English, and not French. Unfortunately, I did not find any TFs that I couldn’t find before, so I didn’t buy anything. Nevertheless, I’m glad I went there to see the store.

The entrance.

Transformers section!

Some Age of Extinction and Combiner Wars figures.

Same shelf as above, lower angle.

Star Wars section!

More Star Wars figures.

Lego Yoda and Darth Vader!

Lego Eiffel Tower!

Paris was awesome. I want to go back!

Transform and Roll Out.


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