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Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

August 31st, 2010 5 comments

I love the Masterpiece line. Figures made in the MP line are most definitely worthy of the Masterpiece designation. They are well-designed, show accurate, large, robust, and possess complex transformations that would appeal to the mature Transfan. MPs are the ultimate interpretation of G1 characters in their G1 incarnations. The only exception to this rule I can think of is Movie MP Starscream. In the US he is released as a Leader class ROTF figure. I’m not sure why Hasbro chose to release him as a MP in Japan. Maybe they just want to milk the MP brand.

The next MP to be released is Rodimus Prime. News of his upcoming release came out either last month or the month before. But at that time we only had very early prototype pics that were not colored. I’m happy to report that there are more finalized pics of MP Rodimus Prime. Click here for the full report. The post is in Japanese but you can still drool over the pics.

Go Rodimus! He’s getting some big time love in 2010. In addition to this, there is the FansProject Protector add-on for Classics/Henkei Rodimus that I reported earlier in the year. There is also an Animated Rodimus Minor toy that many people have already reported sightings of. 2010 is looking like the year of Rodimus! I must have all of these!

Right after Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime, his first directive to Autobots inside Unicron was… Transform and Roll Out!

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