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Before Carly 4

April 27th, 2011

The time has come for another exciting round of Before Carly! As always, I will start by what I think was the official description given by Seibertron:

“Spike is quite the ladies man. He eventually married Carly, but she was not the only one to have fun in the backseat of Bumblebee.”

The name of each girl is made to sound like various characters in the TF universe, and each part of every name is based on real names I’ve seen. See how many TFs you can identify while you contemplate how does a geek like Spike get his freak on with all these babes. My theory is Perceptor was able to use Autobot technology to isolate some unknown human pheromones and Spike put those to use the best way he knows how.

Frequent users of WordPress.com will tell you that all JavaScript is locked out. Some fancy DHTML tags are also locked out. This forced me to use a lame way to reveal the name of the TF in previous editions of Before Carly (links appear below). However, CSS still works so I was able to leverage it to build a more intuitive way to reveal the answer. Hover the mouse over each girl’s name to see the name of the TF. Enjoy!

Jette Storm

Jette Storm


Skye Hammer


Silvia Streich


Gracie Pitt


Dee F Ensor


Pearl Rona Caan


Preita King


Missy L Masters
Missile Master


Britt Sobek


Willa Jack


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