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Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and Jazz Found

July 19th, 2012 7 comments

At lunch today I went to TRU. I made my way to the TF aisle like I usually do, and was surprised to see a whole bunch of people crowding the space. I saw some guys hovered over a specific section of rack space, and so I look in that direction. To my surprise, I see that TRU already has Fall of Cybertron figures!

I knew these figures were coming since there are tons of reviews on YouTube already. Not to mention that many online dealers have them in stock. I just didn’t expect my TRU to have them so soon. I visited TRU to find TF Prime figures, but was pleasantly surprised to see FOC figs nonetheless.

However, my concern was realized when I saw that there is not a single Shockwave on the racks! Out of the 3 Wave 1 FOC figs, Shockwave is the most sought after. My feeling is this is the figure that will be very difficult to find, similar to TF Prime Vehicon (which to this day I still have not found).

I made a comment on Pax Cybertron about my concern for Shockwave. And so, last night I made a order at TFSource for all 3 of the Wave 1 FOC figures. Set for all 3 is $47.95. That comes to about $16 per fig. TRU has each of these at $14.99. After taxes, it will be more than $16 per fig (CA state tax is pretty painful). So by buying from TFSource, I’m actually getting a better deal (no taxes and free ship). But the real reason I made the order was to lock in Shockwave. I knew he would be hard to find, and so far that seems to be the case.

Anyway, I left Prime and Jazz on the racks. The 3 FOC Wave 1 figs are part of my current stack at TFSource, along with TF Prime Voyager Breakdown and the green Giant set. As soon as Giant comes in, I will get them all! Can’t wait!

And as for the other dudes that were in the aisle, none of them bought anything. Some commented on the high price tag. Some were probably just looking for Shockwave. Some of the other individuals there, like moms and kids, were probably just there by accident and not looking for FOC. It was just weird that so many people were at that aisle at the time.

The Fall of Cybertron has begun! Transform and Roll Out!

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