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Transformers Purchased in July 2012

July 31st, 2012

July is another semi-productive month as far as TF shopping goes. What sort of goodies did I acquire? Open your optic sensors and behold!

  • TF Prime Cyberverse Dreadwing, Walmart, $9.47

  • Hegemon, eBay, $99.99 shipped

  • Generations FOC Shockwave, TRU, $14.99

  • TF Prime Weaponizer Optimus Prime, Kmart, $29.99

  • TF Prime FE Cliffjumper, eBay, $33.90 shipped

That’s 5 TFs for the month. 3 from TF Prime, 1 from Generations (Fall of Cybertron), and 1 third party product.

I have written enough about Shockwave in this post and in this post, so I won’t repeat my Shockwave hunting adventures again. I have since opened the figure though, and let me tell you, he’s awesome! He’s definitely worth reviewing. I may do one if I find the time.

Dreadwing is OK. I was quite impressed with Cyberverse Ironhide, so I gave Dreadwing a shot, even though Cyberverse figs normally aren’t my cup of Energon. Both of Dreadwing’s modes look pretty good. But he’s got this problem with the alt mode where the feet don’t line up right. His legs also fall off a lot during transformation. I’m waiting for the Voyager version of this figure.

I finally got to opening the Japanese-only zombie Cliffjumper last month, and I was very impressed with the figure. FE CJ is way better than the mediocre RID CJ that Hasbro saw fit to stick with us here in the States. So I had to track down a regular non-zombie FE version of Cliffjumper. I checked eBay, and prices for this figure is actually reasonable in the low $30s. When Gemini and I went to Wondercon, we only saw one dealer have this figure, and they wanted $50! One guy on eBay now had it at $33.90, and I wasted no time to get one. He arrived sometime last week. I’ve yet to open this figure, but I already know how the mold is from zombie CJ. Another addition to my Cliffjumper collection.

I opened TF Prime Weaponizer Optimus. I think in robot mode he actually looks pretty cool. I like the shoulder cannon gimmick, and I find myself playing with it often when I’m bored. He’s also got enough weapon ports that you can stick a lot of ordnance on him. So when you have him hold a rifle in each hand, and got the shoulder cannons going, and all tricked out with weapons from other TFs, he looks like he’s ready to kick some serious Decepticon ass! Totally worthy of the name Weaponizer. He does have a bulky back, and his legs are hollow in the rear, which can be a turn off for many. I haven’t transformed this figure yet. I’ll reserve final thoughts til I do.

And that leaves Hegemon. This is a third party product from new comer ToyWorld. I didn’t know how this figure would turn out, but all my doubts are put to rest after I got him. Hegemon is an amazing interpretation of the famous Decepticon leader. In my opinion, this is tied with MP-5 for being the best looking G1 Megatron made. I’m actually a little tempted to give the honor to Hegemon, since the legs look better. In gun mode he also looks perfect, and comes with all attachments (unlike the MP). Hegemon is also easier to transform than the MP, though I wouldn’t call the transformation easy when compared to your average TFs. Construction wise, he’s a little delicate so you have to be careful. But overall he’s an excellent update of Megatron for your CHUG line.

On a separate but related note, I was not able to secure a order of the SDCC exclusive FOC G1-colored Bruticus. I watched HTS for weeks, and they sell out as soon as the figure goes up. Looks like I’ll have to pay some markup if I really want the item. Total bummer. But I could have a lot of TFs next month, since I got so much stuff on pre-order. Until then… Transform and Roll Out!

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  1. aptkane
    July 31st, 2012 at 16:39 | #1

    Ah, nice pick ups! I was VERY tempted to pick up Dreadwing, even though I don’t like PRIME much. He looked good, but its good to know I’m not missing out too much on passing.

    I love my Hegemon Megatron so much. He is, in my opinion, way WAY better than MP-05 in terms of ascetics and accuracy. I know people don’t like that he’s small, but seems I consider him “Classics” and not MP, he’s perfect. I just hope Reprolabels comes out with a nice set for him, maybe give him his eyebrows and other details.

    I had to pay a mark-up on my Bruticus as well. Its unfortunate, but I like him WAY too much to worry about it.

    • August 1st, 2012 at 23:42 | #2

      Personally I’m not that impressed with Dreadwing, but a lot of other fans seem to like him. See rborg’s comment below for example. Both modes look pretty good, but mechanically there are some issues. Yep, Hegemon is impressive. He is way more playable than MP-05. I think the size is just right for a Classic-verse Megatron.

      I’m watching eBay to see if I can find some good deals on Bruticus. I hate paying markup but one of these days I’ll probably cave and spend the $$$.

  2. July 31st, 2012 at 17:55 | #3

    Nice! Dreadwing and Shockwave are good figures!

    That Weaponizer Prime looks tempting.

    • August 1st, 2012 at 23:47 | #4

      I say go ahead and get Weaponizer OP. He does seem like more of a toy, but in this case it’s not all bad. He’s very durable and playable. I like the weapon gimmick. Robot also looks good from the front. And with six extra weapon ports, he’s pure bad ass when fully loaded!

  3. September 2nd, 2015 at 05:51 | #5

    Just got this guy in the mail today. He is AWESOME! Two things to note:1.) his chest peanls are on slider rivets, so they can move outwards enough to give him at least a 7mm gap in his chest, although they are insanely tough to move.2.) when his knees are bent more than 30 degrees, those window bits can be flipped outward to cover up his shin gap.

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